Welcome to Equinox Therapeutic – Edmonton Psychologists & Counsellors

…a place of healing, self-discovery and growth…

Equinox Therapeutic and Consulting Services provides psychotherapy and counselling services for children, adolescents, adults, and families who are seeking to make positive changes in their life.

Our team, which includes Registered Psychologists and Mental Health Therapists, provides expertise in the following areas:

Edmonton Trauma Therapy
– complex PTSD and/or cumulative (lifelong) trauma
– traumatic and/or overwhelming experiences (e.g. MVC)
– self-harming behaviours, including cutting and chronic suicidality
– intense anger reactions and/or general anger management

Edmonton Addiction Counselling
– recovery from addictions to substances (e.g. drugs and alcohol)
– recovery from addictions to processes (e.g. eating disorders, sex/pornography addiction, hair pulling, gambling)

Edmonton Depression Counselling
– anxiety counselling, including treating panic, worrying, and generalized anxiety
– depression management, including postpartum and seasonal depression
– processing loss and grief

Edmonton Marriage Counselling
– couples counselling
– family and “system” support

Edmonton Family Counselling
– improve conflict resolution
– learn new ways to communicate and alleviate distress

We currently provide services from several locations in and around Edmonton, and use two different therapeutic mediums: office-based (talk) therapy and equine-assisted (experiential) psychotherapy. View our equine-assisted psychotherapy page to learn about the benefits! If you’re looking for a psychologist in Edmonton our team is ready to help!

We Specialize in Trauma Therapy

One of the primary focuses at Equinox Therapeutic is trauma therapy, including the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or complex and cumulative trauma. Sometimes, people are looking for help with what they might already know are post-traumatic stress symptoms, such as having nightmares or intrusive memories about something that happened in the past, or finding themselves thinking or behaving in ways that are clearly from a past situation.  Other times, symptoms may be less obvious, such as feeling perpetually unable to relax, or feeling inexplicably unable to cope with even the smallest of daily stresses. In other cases, people have experienced neglect or abuse in their childhood and think that they must now, as an adult, have “gotten over it”…but find themselves stuck in a pattern of self-destructive behaviours or relationships. As treating the effects of trauma and PTSD is one of our primary focuses, many of our team members have specialized training in certain types of trauma and PTSD therapy. They have the experience and expertise to support you in coming out from beneath the weight of the past.