Life Transitions Therapy - Equinox Therapeutic

Life transitions is one of the five most common issues that we work with at Equinox Therapeutic, a mental health clinic in Edmonton.  This means that we often help people who are in the midst of, often stressful, life transitions.  This means that they might be:

  • Experiencing loss or grief from the loss of a loved one
  • Experiencing stress due to a change in housing, jobs, careers
  • Experiencing stress due to a relationship loss or transition
  • Experiencing stress due to a new realization about life (specific or general)

Life transitions can cause numerous symptoms, including:

  • Feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Feelings of depression and overwhelm
  • Feelings of lack of trust, lack of faith, lack of hope
  • Tension in relationships
  • Problems sleeping, eating, and socializing
  • Use or misuse of harmful coping techniques, including substance abuse or abuse of coping processes (e.g. over-exercising, compulsive shopping, self harming behaviours)
  • Physical health issues and decreased immune system response

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