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We’re happy to provide our clients a variety of remote therapy options – including online and telehealth sessions – to provide enhanced safety and convenience for anyone who prefers to work with our professionals from home. We can provide most of our primary services via video therapy and phone therapy including helping our clients with anxiety, depression, trauma and ptsd, anger management, relationship counselling, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about our remote therapy options you can email or call us for more information.


Advantages Of Online Counselling

Other Considerations For Online Counselling

Online psychology can also have some challenges including the need for phone or wifi access, slow internet speeds, and technology issues with video chat programs. We do our very best to avoid any disruptions and make your session as focused as possible. However, if you’re considering online therapy it’s a good idea to review your comfort level with computers, access to video equipment like webcams or smartphone cameras, the quality of your internet connection, and ensuring you have a private place to conduct your sessions. For more information on which of our therapists are available for remote sessions and which platforms they are using, please contact us.

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