Mission & Vision

Often, clients seek help when they feel like they are powerless in life. At Equinox Therapeutic, we believe that you – and only you – have the power to discover yourself; that is, who you really are inside, and who you want to be. We are invested in playing a support role as you move through the process of this discovery, including learning to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from who and how you want to be.

Mission Statement

Equinox Therapeutic and Consulting Services exists to provide services to others in the hopes of supporting the creation and maintenance of psychological and emotional wellness on both an individual and systemic level. We aim to do this through the development and nurturing of empowerment and choice.

Values Statement

Equinox Therapeutic and Consulting Services holds as our top priority the wellbeing of our clients, which is ensured through ethical and competent practice.

We believe that every human is capable of growth and choice, and that every human has the inherent right to health and hope.

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