Edmonton couples therapy at Equinox Therapeutic

Edmonton Marriage Counselling & Couples Therapy

We work a lot with relationships here at Equinox Therapeutic, including couples therapy and marriage counselling. We understand that acknowledging issues in your relationship is a big step and committing to the process is equally difficult when you consider balancing busy schedules or working out the insurance and financial aspects. Often therapy will get neglected on the priority list because one or both people in the relationship are unfamiliar about the process and uncertain about what can realistically be accomplished. With that in mind we recommend setting up a consultation with one of our relationship therapists to answer your questions and demystify the process so you feel comfortable that we’re the right fit for your goals.

Do I Need Couples Therapy Or Marriage Counselling?

To help you answer this question we’ve outlined several common issues that indicate a couple may benefit from talking to a professional.

  • Broken trust because of infidelity or other type of betrayal
  • Communication issues such as increased frequency of arguments
  • Emotional distress about some aspect of the relationship
  • Uncertainty on how to share important thoughts and feelings with your partner
  • Inability to effectively handle conflict
  • Anticipation of upcoming life or relationship change
  • Unchanging pattern of negative interactions
  • Concerns about emotional or physical intimacy

How Does Couples Therapy Work?

Couples therapy has the potential to achieve a noticeably positive impact on your relationship when conducted effectively. Here’s a few of the key ways that therapy works to improve the dynamic of your relationship

  1. Helping partners see the relationship more objectively
  2. Identifying dysfunctional patterns of interaction
  3. Decreasing emotional avoidance and increasing the emotional safety, security and availability of both partners
  4. Guiding partners to communicate more effectively through in-session experiential practice
  5. Addressing specific issues such as infidelity and/or significant life events
  6. Promoting relationship strengths

Whatever your situation, we believe that a little bit of work in the right direction can go a long way for your relationship!

To learn more about couples therapy and relationship counselling in general, consider reading our blogs on this topic. If you’d like to schedule a consultation give our team a call or use the form on the right to inquire with us. For family issues we also offer family counselling services.