Making Strides

Making Strides is one of Equinox Therapeutic’s three non-profit programs. This program provides no-charge equine-assisted mental health therapy services to Edmonton community members who are currently receiving support through Boyle Street Community Services and/or the Bissell Centre. The clients who come through this program are homeless or have been otherwise affected by marginalising factors such as poverty. They are looking for hope and help to create stability and positive change in their lives.

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The Edmonton Sun reports on the Equinox Therapeutic’s Making Strides program.

In 2015, the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association chose Making Strides to be its Feature Program at its annual gala.

Frequently asked questions about donating to Making Strides!

1. Why do you need money? Making Strides was initially developed with a one-time fundraised sum of $9845 in 2012. In the following years, it operated on a $0 budget, which meant that Equinox Therapeutic donated all therapist and supervising psychologist services, as well as program oversight. The Whitemud Equine Leaning Centre Association (WELCA) has donated use of the horses throughout. Boyle Street Community Services and Bissell Centre have taken this program into their existing budget for program promotion, as well as driving some clients to and from therapy sessions. While each of these organisations is honoured to be able to serve marginalised Edmontonians, the program’s long-term sustainability is unable to be assured until a budget can be put in place that guarantees the availability of resources that are not dependent upon the goodwill of any one individual. From 2013 to 2016, any donated or fundraised monies were given to Boyle Street Community Services to help offset the cost of transporting participants to and from sessions. Beginning in 2017, however, a new vision of a more sustainable future for Making Strides was created, with any donated or fundraised money now being placed in a transparent bank account to be ultimately used to hire a professional fund developer. It is hoped that this will help to put in motion a long-term future for Making Strides for years to come. 2. Will I get a charitable receipt for my taxes? Yes, receipts will be mailed to you once your donation is received. 3. How do I make a donation? Donating to Making Strides is easy! Just use one of these two methods:
  • You can donate online by clicking here.
  • You can write a cheque to “Boyle Street Service Society”, and write “Making Strides Equine Therapy Program” in the memo section. Please mail donations to Boyle Street Community Services, at 10116 105 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0K2. Both donation options will provide a charitable tax receipt to you.
4. Who is responsible for this program? Equinox Therapeutic is primarily responsible for the service administration involved in Making Strides, but this program is a collaborative effort with the Boyle Street Service Society, the Bissell Centre, and the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association (WELCA). If you are interested in learning more about Making Strides, please contact our Director, Amanda Slugoski, at 780-885-6454 or by email at [email protected]

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