Horseplay is therapy for psychologist

Animal Friends Equine. July 16 2010

Horse care is the therapy of choice for one psychologist in Canada. Amanda Slugoski told the Edmonton Sun about how she takes her clients out to catch and groom horses or a donkey to help them confront their emotional issues. She explained that the teamwork involved between her and her patients both builds a bond between them and enables her to recognise what social problems need to be addressed. “You might feel fear, you might feel anger but we get to work with those emotions in the moment rather than just talking about it,” Ms Slugoski explained. She is not the only expert to believe in the power of equine care as therapy. Renee Cate, who founded the Plum Horse Crazy Ranch, recently told the Visalia Times-Delta that clients who go through her horse care centre often experience an extraordinary transformation. “It’s kind of magic,” she said, noting how people must learn to take control and bond with the animal at the same time.

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