Addictions Counselling Edmonton

Addictions is one of the five most common issues that we work with at Equinox Therapeutic. This means that we often help people who have had addictions touch their lives somehow. This may mean that they are:

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a condition where an individual engages in a substance or behaviour that provides rewarding effects that they will search out repeatedly despite harmful consequences.


We work with many types of addictions, including addictions to substances and addictions to processes. Some examples of these addictions are:

What Are The Symptoms Of Addiction?

Addictive disorders are defined by the repeated engagement in activities that lead to impairment or distress. A diagnosis will often be confirmed by the presence of two or more of these symptoms:

Treatment For Addiction

Addiction is a treatable condition and our team can help with you the process towards recovery. Treatment can include a variety of components but our staff will often utilize behavioural therapy methods like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help individual recognize and cope with the situations that trigger their desire to engage in addictive substances or behaviour. If you’re ready to start making a change you can reach us by using the form on the side our by visiting or contact page.


For more resources you can visit our Edmonton addiction resources page.

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